Mere Sexuality

Mere Sexuality

Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality


What do Christians believe about human sexuality?

In Mere Sexuality, author and pastor Todd Wilson presents the historic Christian consensus about human sexuality, the Great Tradition of the church for centuries as taught in each of its major expressions - Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. Wilson highlights the stunning shift of opinion on issues of sexuality in the evangelical church and why this break with the historic church is problematic for the future of Christianity. Along the way he provides ordinary believers with an introduction to the historic Christian vision of sexuality, yet does so in conversation with some of the twenty-first century's leading challenges to this vision.

In a culture that is deeply confused about human sexuality, Wilson believes it is time for evangelicals to retrieve the historic Christian tradition and biblical teaching on the question of sexuality. Mere Sexualityseeks to guide readers back to the beauty and coherence of this vision of sexuality in the face of an aggressive and all-consuming pagan and secular worldview.



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About Todd Wilson

Todd A. Wilson (PhD, Cambridge University) has spent more than a decade in pastoral ministry and is currently the senior pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois. He is the cofounder and chairman of The Center for Pastor Theologians, a ministry dedicated to resourcing pastor theologians. Todd has authored or edited a number of books, including Real Christian and The Pastor Theologian. He is married to Katie, and they have seven children.


Mere Sexuality is a faithful, readable navigation through questions of sexuality, pointing toward the gospel and our truest identity as sons and daughters in Christ. In our sexually confused times, this book has clarity and conviction.
— Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Todd Wilson has given us a thoughtful, sensitive, and, above all, deeply Christian book about sexual morality and marriage.
— Robert P. George, McCormick professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University
Mere Sexuality is exceptional, not only in offering a compelling argument for God’s ideal for human sexuality, but also in addressing with pastoral understanding and care the ways we fall short.
— Karen Swallow Prior, author of Booked
We need this book! In our highly sexualized culture, we need careful ref lection, both theologically and with the practical challenges in view. Todd Wilson gives us just that—and with a wise and gracious spirit. This is a must-read for scholars, pastors, and others who want solid guidance on the issues.
— Richard J. Mouw, PhD, president emeritus, professor of faith and public life, Fuller Theological Seminary
In Mere Sexuality, Todd Wilson takes on the challenge of articulating Christian norms regarding sex and gender. He does so in a clear, accessible way. Followers of Christ will be indebted to Wilson for helping us identify and articulate those norms in a dramatically changing culture in which such norms are all but lost.
— Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD, professor of psychology & Hughes Endowed Chair; director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity at Regent University
The book provides rich resources for pastors and others seeking wisdom on this issue, but the chapter on Jesus’ sexuality especially stood out as “merely” breathtaking.
— Kevin J. Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Mere Sexuality is faithfully biblical, helpfully practical, and immensely thoughtful. Every serious Christian should read and benefit from Wilson’s wisdom here.
— Glenn T. Stanton, director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family and author of Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor
Don’t hide from this topic and think it will go away. Dig into this short, powerful book, and be encouraged that you can hold firm to your faith and still walk with and love others well.
— John Trent, PhD, Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary
This is not just another book about sex; it is a tract for the times. Relevant, timely, and theologically rich, it connects sexuality with Christology and offers practical pastoral wisdom on a topic that God cares about a lot. Strongly recommended!
— Timothy George; founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; general editor of the Reformation Comm entary on Scripture